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 Pool Parties

How to Request Lifeguards 

We provide lifeguards for pool parties if:

  • Your pool is managed by our company, &

  • Your pool allows parties.

Please review the information below & follow instructions within each TAB to reserve a time and request lifeguards for your party.

3 staffing policies
  • Payment will be made via credit card after the reservation is approved.

  • The current rate is $30.00 per Lifeguard per hour.

  • Two (2) Lifeguards are required for 1 to 50 people. Then, an additional Lifeguard per 25 people or part of 25. Due to insurance requirements, there can be absolutely no exceptions on the number of lifeguards per party.

  • The total number of attendees includes EVERYONE attending the party, not estimated swimmers.

  • One (1) additional lifeguard is required for any party involving teenagers, college-age people, or parties involving alcohol.

  • If your party is during a time when Lifeguards are already on duty, you still may need to hire an additional Lifeguard. Please call our office so we can help you determine whether you will need additional Lifeguard(s) during times when a Lifeguard is normally on duty.

  • Lifeguards will arrive at the start time of your party. If you would like them to be there in advance, then please reflect that in the booking time submitted for your party.

  • We may not be able to provide Lifeguards during school hours, on school days or on holidays.

  • We do not allow parties on Holiday weekends.

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